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American Women seeks to strengthen American democracy by increasing public awareness of the issues impacting women and families. Through extensive research, American Women seeks a greater awareness of the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of women with regard to the critical issues facing our nation. The goal of American Women is to create an environment where policy makers are advancing sound solutions that will benefit the lives of all women and families.

Our Research

Women’s Health and Economic Security for Women and Families are Potent Issues This Cycle

Our Research

 · A new poll of voters in 18 battleground states found that the issues of women’s health and economic security for women and families are the top motivators for key groups of voters. Potential drop-off voters, who tend to vote in presidential years and stay home for midterm elections, are highly receptive to messaging about the adverse consequences of not voting, especially when connected to economic security for women and families (74% motivating reason to vote) and ongoing threats to women’s access to health care like birth control and abortion (70% motivating reason to vote). More »

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