Our Mission

American Women seeks to strengthen American democracy by increasing public awareness of the issues impacting women and families. Through extensive research, American Women seeks a greater awareness of the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of women with regard to the critical issues facing our nation. The goal of American Women is to create an environment where policy makers are advancing sound solutions that will benefit the lives of all women and families.

Our Research

National Survey: Women Continue to Support Paycheck Fairness Act and Economic Proposals to Give Women and Families a Fair Shot

 · On behalf of American Women, Clarity Campaign Labs conducted a poll of registered women voters nationwide on January 3rd and 4th. We surveyed 2,069 female voters with an IVR survey, as well as a live portion for cell phones and landlines in states that prohibit automated calls. We then matched the sample to the voter file and weighted it to reflect a national distribution. Both the Paycheck Fairness Act and a proposed progressive economic program designed to help women and families received strong support from the women surveyed. More »

Our Voices