New Missouri Voting Rights Lawsuit

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August 20, 2020



The suit aims to make mail voting safe and accessible for all Missouri voters amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

New Missouri Voting Rights Lawsuit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — American Women and individual Missouri voters, in partnership with Democracy Docket Legal and Action Funds, today challenged five provisions of Missouri law that limit access to voting by mail and risk disenfranchising voters this year. With the general election less than 80 days away, we are taking urgent action to ensure that all Missouri voters can safely, securely, and easily cast their ballots by mail.

In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, election officials in Missouri have already seen an unpreceded demand for mail ballots. Our lawsuit gets ahead of these issues for the general election and challenges both new and existing obstacles that Missourians face when they seek to vote by mail.

In the suit, we specifically ask Missouri to:

  1. Eliminate the requirement that most voters have their ballot envelopes notarized.
  2. Eliminate the requirement that some voters return their ballots by U.S. mail only.
  3. Ensure that ballots are counted even if mail service delays cause them to be delivered after the polls close on Election Day.
  4. Allow third parties to assist in collecting and submitting mail ballots.
  5. Develop and implement consistent and fair signature matching protocols, and ensure that voters receive reasonable notice and an opportunity to cure if a signature is questioned.


The hard work of fighting voter suppression in 2020 is not done—especially in light of growing concerns with mail service in the United States. At a time when we need states to promote voting rights, Missouri has instead implemented a confusing and complicated set of restrictions that suppress the right to vote. The fight has just begun.




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